My name is Art Rayburn, and I've been in Network Marketing for over 24 years.  Just like most other MLMers, I failed miserably my first 4 years in the industry.  I wasn't able to sponsor more than 2 or 3 people... and I literally lost thousands of dollars trying to build my business!  Then after studying the industry, I developed a simple system that allowed me to build a downline in excess of 12,000 members in only 3 years time!  I became the National Marketing Director for an MLM Company called VitaCheck... the Senior Editor of Step One Magazine... and I was featured in the book, "Network Marketing for the New Millennium."

I left the MLM industry for 7 years to pursue full-time Church Ministry as a Pastor and Church Planter.  Needing money to keep my ministry going, I returned to the MLM industry.  Over those 7 years, new technology, such as the Internet, had made a real impact on the MLM industry.  While studying how the MLM Industry utilized this new technology, I discovered that "New Technology didn't necessarily equal an effective Business Building System." 

To be successful in any MLM program, you must have an proven Sponsoring System that can be duplicated by the "Everyday Person" and not just the MLM elite.  That's what I've developed with Key2MLM.  I've combined "High Tech" and "Low Tech" in developing a system that can work for Anyone... even the shyest person in the world. 

Thanks for taking the time to join Key2MLM.  I look forward to working with you as we build another prosperous MLM organization. 


Art Rayburn

Owner: Key2MLM/The Rayburn Group


Art is presently Pastor of Gateway Expression in Denton, Texas.


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